Fully functioning Leaf Springs with axleboxes and shoes

The leaf springs are designed for the standard Midland Railway design of wagon.

The top leaf of the spring is steel and the rest of the assembly is printed with individual leaves so the springs function and bend in the same way as a full-size leaf spring. The are supplied as three components

  • Steel top leaf 9 mm wide
  • Printed 8-leaf spring in PETG material
  • Printed clamp

The axlebox is a Midland Railway oil axlebox, printed in PETG with a PLA cover.

It is supplied assembled with a PTFE impregnated bronze bearing to take 8 mm diameter axles. It fits the Slaters 5 inch gauge wheel and axle assembly.

PTFE-filled bronze bearings in axleboxes for 8 mm axles

The bearings are self-lubricating. Graphite can be added later if necessary.

Also available with axleguards and spring shoes