Full Historical Notes, Instruction Books

Please click here to download the pdf of the full instruction book including historical notes, assembly guide and full detailed instructions

Tools and Materials

Please click here to download the full instructions book as a pdf

You will need

A set of smaller metric hex keys down to 1.5 mm

Screwdrivers – small cross head and flat-bladed.

A try square

Side cutters – a sharp pair of sidecutters will help in cleaning up any extra pieces on the 3D prints

Wood chisels – the PETG prints can be worked in a very similar way to wood so if a fit needs a small adjustment, for example, we find that is the best way

Pin chuck or drill suitable for small drill sizes.

Twist drills. 2 mm 3 mm

Glue – we recommend and use High Viscosity Cyanoacrylate. Epoxy (such as Araldite) would also work


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